CU Bouler’s Letter to student, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19

CU Boulder’s Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano sent the following letter to students, faculty and staff March 11. Dear students, faculty and staff:

On eve of Super Tuesday, study sheds light on how people make choices

On Super Tuesday, Democratic voters from Colorado and across the United States will face a serious decision: Sanders or Warren? Biden, Klobuchar or Bloomberg?

Height limits for Paralympic ‘blade runners’ baseless, study suggests

Mandate results from a recent International Paralympic Committee rule change that lowered the Maximum Allowable Standing Height (MASH) for double, below-the-knee amputees racing in prosthetic legs. The rule, intended to prevent unfair advantages, stems from the long-held assumption that greater height equals greater speed.

Forests bouncing back from beetles, but elk and deer slowing recovery

New research from University of Colorado Boulder reveals that even simultaneous bark beetle outbreaks are not a death sentence to the state’s beloved forests.