Triple-digit temps forecast for the Southwest this week

heat dome

AccuWeather forecasters say that the chance of thunderstorms will decrease in the coming days, allowing temperatures to swell across the region.

Triple-digit temps forecast for the Southwest into next week

As a ‘heat dome’ shifts to the west this weekend and into next week, temperatures will be on the rise. Underneath a heat dome, sinking air causes temperatures to climb, and precipitation and cloud cover tend to be limited.

Soil Erosion Strategies

When soil leaves a field due to wind or water, the field’s productivity is reduced. Topsoil that leaves a field is the best soil and is high in organic matter.

Top 6 Emergency Relief Program Checklist Items for Eligible Farmers

FSA recently began mailing 303,000 pre-filled applications for the Emergency Relief Program (ERP), a new program designed to help agricultural producers impacted by wildfires, droughts, hurricanes, winter storms, and other qualifying natural disasters experienced during calendar years 2020 and 2021

USDA To Hold Special Webinar For Farmers Union Members Tomorrow

USDA To Hold Special Webinar For Farmers Union Members Tomorrow-link provided to join

CPW renews warning to expect aggressive wildlife as mothers defend their young

helpful information

An incident between a hiker with a dog off-lease and a defensive cow moose with a calf on a Teller County trail prompted Colorado Parks and Wildlife to renew its call for caution in the backcountry.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife promotes sober boating ahead of Operation Dry Water and the holiday weekend

This enforcement operation is timed closely to the July 4th holiday each year to educate boaters on the dangers of boating under the influence and reduce the number of accidents on waterways.

Outdoor safety tips for Fourth of July weekend celebrations

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is sharing a few safety tips ahead of the holiday weekend to help you balance your outdoor recreation with mindful conservation.


This camp offers a variety of activities from life skills and educational/leadership exercises, to NFL-inspired drills.

Gov. Polis Takes Action to Ensure More Swimming Pools Can Open this Summer

Governor Polis announced the Pools Special Initiative 2022, a plan of action to help swimming pools open and expand hours this summer, as pools around the country have faced workforce shortages.