Gov. Polis Takes Action to Ensure More Swimming Pools Can Open this Summer

DENVER — Today, Governor Polis and the Department of Local Affairs announced grants to 71 swimming pools across Colorado received much-needed grants to help ensure swimming pools are open and properly staffed in time for the July 4th holiday and for the remainder of the summer months. Last week, Governor Polis announced the Pools Special Initiative 2022, a plan of action to help swimming pools open and expand hours this summer, as pools around the country have faced workforce shortages. 
“We are helping expand pool hours and get closed pools open so that this July 4th and throughout the summer, Coloradans across the state can safely have fun with family and friends, learn to swim, exercise and recreate at our amazing public pools. We are working with local communities to  get more pools open and expand hours with support for increased pay, more work flexibility, and helping train more lifeguards,” said Governor Polis. 
The Pools Special Initiative 2022 provides incentives to attract and retain public pool employees through the summer and ensure adequate staffing levels to allow pools to open at maximum capacity. The awarded grants support more workforce flexibility, new training for lifeguards, and provide real relief to local communities working to make sure Coloradans can enjoy their summers at the pool. 
These grants help communities find and keep qualified lifeguards, ensuring that pools can increase operating hours and to stay open longer in the summer after many lifeguards return to school in the fall, and expanding capacity to teach life-saving swim lessons. 
Grant recipients include the Bennett Park and Recreation District (Adams County)


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