Farmers and ranchers celebrate Colorado Ag Day in the fields

In a Time of Uncertainty Agriculture Remains “Open for Business”  

Farmers and ranchers celebrate Colorado Ag Day in the fields CENTENNIAL, Colo.—March 25, 2019— Even though the 2020 Ag Day celebration at the Colorado Capitol is canceled, the Colorado Farm Bureau assures Coloradans that the agriculture industry is “Still Open for Business” and farmers and ranchers are committed to maintaining a reliable and resilient food supply. 

“We are all navigating a time that is unlike any other. There is uncertainty all around us and many unanswered questions about what the future holds,” says Chad Vorthmann, Executive Vice President of the Colorado Farm Bureau. “However, even in all this uncertainty, Colorado agriculture remains open for business. Farmers and ranchers around the state and around the country will continue producing high quality food for your table.”

As people shop and prepare for quarantine periods, consumer purchasing of particular goods has spiked causing a change in the food supply chain. Many have seen grocery stores sell out of many goods due to surge buying of particular items. While grocery store shelves may be temporarily empty, it’s important to note that there is not a food shortage and replacements for those items are on the way. The supply chain just needs time to replenish and adjust to differences in purchasing behavior.

Efforts are underway to ensure that the supply of goods happens as quickly as possible. State and federal governments have declared agriculture as a ‘critical’ industry, allowing farming operations and agriculture-related industries to continue working together to ensure safe, reliable and timely delivery of goods. However, there are still certain assurances the industry needs to continue operating as needed, including the processing of H-2A visas to recruit critical labor; ensuring meat, dairy and other processing plants continue operating; waiving hours of service requirements for food transportation and trucking across the agricultural supply chain; and maintaining stable and fair markets across the agriculture sector. 

“We are thankful to Governor Polis and President Trump for declaring the agriculture industry as critical infrastructure. The job of farmers and ranchers never ends and it’s important to have the tools to continue to care for our livestock and crops while delivering food to people,” adds Vorthmann. “Our leaders are working hard to keep every element of the supply chain strong so that the food supply remains stable, and we are confident that our leaders in Denver and Washington, D.C. will continue to get it done.” 

The Colorado Farm Bureau has launched AgisOpen.com as a one stop resource for those looking for information about COVID-19’s impact on the agriculture community. The resource, “Ag is Open” will address various issues like those listed above as well as provide information on rural mental health, life on the farm, agriculture job listings and much more. 

Throughout the week, Colorado Farm Bureau will be celebrating Ag Day with helpful information for the agriculture industry and consumers alike, as well as a look into the lives of farmers and ranchers during this time.

photo credit — MGN online 



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