2022 Data – Colorado Ranks #1 in Car Theft Rates

Newly released crime data by the FBI revealed that in 2022, Colorado was the most likely state to have your car stolen.

As part of a comprehensive study of the Most Dangerous States in 2023 research firm HubScore delved into the automobile theft data and found that Colorado experienced an additional 4,529 automobile thefts in 2022 compared to 2021.

Colorado Car Theft Data Highlights: 
(Ranked highest to lowest)
  • Car Thefts per Capita (2022): 785.7 | Ranked #1
  • Number of Car Thefts (2022): 45,883 | Ranked #4
  • Number of Car Thefts (2021): 41,354 | Ranked #3
  • Change in Car Thefts from 2021: Increased by 11% | Ranked #19

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