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The I-70 Scout was founded by Douglas Claussen in October, 1994. Delivered by bulk mail to Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers, Deer Trail, and Agate, the paper has enjoyed considerable success by simply giving advertisers results. Since 1994, the business has been incorporated as the I-70 Publishing Company, Inc. and two other products have been developed. First, www.i-70scout.com was launched in August, 2000. Second, the Eastern Colorado News, our legal newspaper, was acquired in July, 2001.

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Citizen voices Adams county sheriff’s election concerns.

To The Citizens of Adams County: Retirement: That thing all of us look forward to as we approach our senior years. Retirement is something you learned from your parents. How to save for the future and have enough of a nest egg so you are not a burden to your children. As an adult we …

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Endorsement letter: Adams county sheriff – Michael McIntosh

The duties and responsibilities of the Sheriff are very difficult and challenging. I’ve worked with both candidates for more than 20 years. Only one of them has the education, experience, character and abilities to do the job well. That man is Division Chief Michael McIntosh. I’ve never known a man more dedicated to his family, …

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