Strasburg School Board candidates stump at group meet

STRASBURG — The four candidates for two four-year terms on the Strasburg School Board all participated in a Meet the Candidates Night at Hemphill Middle School Oct. 11.

Ruth Gonzalez Alvarado, Marilyn Diedrich, Julie Winter and Daymon Johnson all answered a battery of 10 pre-determined questions and were also asked questions from the audience on both Zoom and in person. The recording from the candidates night is linked here. In addition, Gonzalez Alvarado was battling laryngitis that evening and was hard to hear, so a copy of her written responses to the pre-determined questions is also attached. Gonzalez Alvarado’s comments were written prior to the Meet the Candidates Night taking place.

The deadline for ballots is 7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Gonzalez Alvarado Responses

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