Gov. Polis Encourages Coloradans to Safely Celebrate Colorado Day Monday, August 1

DENVERGovernor Polis is encouraging Coloradans to safely celebrate the 146th annual Colorado Day this Monday, August 1. Colorado Day is celebrated on August 1st, the day Colorado joined the union and officially became a state in 1876. The Governor invites Coloradans to take part in safely celebrating Colorado in their communities and in their lives. 

“Colorado day is an opportunity to celebrate our beautiful state, support our small businesses, visit one of our world-class state parks for free, and experience everything Colorado has to offer,” said Gov Polis. “We will continue doing everything we can to save people money and to build a Colorado for all.

On August 1st, entrance to all state parks is free, and beginning in January, annual state park pass prices will be cut by more than half.  Visit any of the 42 state parks across Colorado and appreciate the world-class outdoors. The History Colorado museum is also offering free admission and providing fun activities and attractions to learn about Colorado history. To register and see more details visit their site. Other museums, venues and entities are offering a variety of ways to celebrate Colorado Day. 

Coloradans can take advantage of the ‘Zero Fair for Better Air’ initiative offering free RTD transit beginning August 1st, Colorado Day, and lasting through the end of August. Governor Polis signed a bipartisan law waiving all RTD transit fares for the month of August to save people money and help improve air quality. The Pegasus and Bustang travel services which are a low-cost way to access mountain towns off of I-70 will continue to be half off normal fair prices.

Governor Polis committed to saving people money and the administration released the 100 ways it has saved people money.

The Governor’s Residence at Boettcher Mansion is hosting a Colorado Day event from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm offering free historical tours, a scavenger hunt around historical sites, will have food trucks and other Colorado vendors, and more. Please register in advance. 

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