Colorado Parks and Wildlife investigating report of wolf depredations on U.S. Forest Service land near Meeker

MEEKER, Colo. – Colorado Parks and Wildlife is investigating a report of dead domestic cow calves on White River National Forest lands near Meeker that show damage consistent with wolf depredation. This is an active investigation and CPW is working closely with the livestock producer to collect additional evidence, including looking for scat and tracks in the area. If the depredations are confirmed as being caused by wolves, CPW will work in partnership with the livestock producer to implement approved hazing methods and respond to any damage claims submitted.

It is important to note that no wolf reintroductions have taken place yet in Colorado and recent depredation incidents are not related to or a result of wolf reintroduction efforts in Colorado.
CPW personnel have received wolf-livestock depredation field identification and investigation training from Wyoming Game and Fish. CPW personnel are also well trained and have decades of experience identifying and investigating livestock depredations caused by other depredating species.
CPW also works with Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and other wildlife management agencies in certain circumstances to get professional opinions regarding wolf depredation investigations such as this, which further contributes to CPW’s body of knowledge in identifying wolf depredations.
Wolf Resource Guide
A Wolf Resource Guide specific to wolf depredation has been developed that is available online and in printed format for distribution to livestock owners in Colorado who are experiencing wolf depredations.

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