Celebrating National Agriculture Day, 2023

Happy National Agriculture Day! I want to thank all of the farmers, ranchers, and Ag workers from across Colorado’s 4th Congressional district. These amazing producers and growers are the foundation of Colorado’s economy and work day and night to feed our families and communities. 
Here on the Eastern Plains, we know just how important agriculture and ranching is to our communities and way of life. I am proud to say that my district, Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, is home to all of the top 10 agricultural counties in the state. Not only do our producers depend on their trade to feed their families, but we rely on them to put food on our tables, fuel our economy, foster our way of life, and feed American families. 
Colorado boasts 69,032 agriculture producers who come from all walks of life, including nearly 8,100 veterans. The industry employs more than 195,000 people. These producers aren’t being brought out by big companies and names like Bill Gates, resembling what you may see nationwide. Instead, over 81% of farms in the state are owned by individual farmers, with only a small fraction being corporate owned. So, by supporting Colorado agriculture, you are supporting your neighbors, family, and friends.
It’s an honor to represent and fight for so many hardworking Ag producers and growers from across Eastern Colorado in Congress. I hope you will join me in celebrating National Agriculture Day!
God bless,
Ken Buck
Member of Congress (CO-04)

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