Celebrate Library Giving Day

People nationwide are donating locally to the libraries they enjoy and depend on in honor of Library Giving Day on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Show your love for Anythink and donate to the Anythink Foundation!  

Your support will help expand Anythink’s pollinator gardens. Plans are already underway for a pollinator garden at Anythink Wright Farms, and it will be designed to help further the learning and understanding of the importance of pollinators in our area. We are raising money to enhance this project and to build pollinator gardens at additional Anythink locations. 

Anythink’s goal is to raise $2,500. We need your help to create beautiful, soothing spaces for our community to connect with nature and for pollinator animals to thrive. 

Donate today

What’s the buzz about Anythink’s pollinator gardens? 

  • They will provide food (pollen and nectar) for pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds 
  • They will include flowers, plants, walkways and water features 
  • They will share learning prompts to help us better understand the role pollinators play in environmental stewardship 

Looking for more ways to give? Become an Anythink Foundation member

Thank you for being part of our Anythink community and for supporting the pollinator gardens! 

Donate today

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