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Colorado State Patrol Delivers a Heartwarming Halloween Message

Annual Parody Highlights Responsibilities of Motorists

(COLORADO) – Do you remember what Halloween was like as a kid? The Colorado State Patrol sure does and we suspect that Steve from Blues Clues’ remembers as well. That’s why Steve, a.k.a. Trooper Josh Lewis, is delivering a special video message this Halloween to remind drivers of the responsibilities we all have while behind the wheel.

Slowing down and scanning the road are good tips while driving through any neighborhood or busy downtown areas, but particularly important on a high pedestrian night filled with excited children that may or may not be practicing safety skills like using a crosswalk or crossing at an intersection. 

This special message will get released today at 4:30 p.m. on Colorado State Patrol’s social media pages. We hope Coloradoans watch and share this Halloween message to encourage our neighbors and friends to use safe practices while driving that keep our trick or treaters healthy and injury-free! Join us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Advanced preview for our media friends: 

Video Preview

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