Gov. Polis Issues Executive Order to Support Colorado Workers

DENVER — Gov. Polis today signed an executive order creating the Office of Future of Work at the Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE). This Office will be a central point for the state’s efforts to respond to Colorado’s rapidly changing economy and workforce.

“Colorado’s economy is the envy of the nation but to ensure that success touches everyone in our state, we must prepare workers for the jobs of the future,” said Governor Jared Polis. “Technology, cost of education and a shifting need for skills are just a few of the challenges our workforce faces. This Office will be dedicated to developing effective strategies to combat these challenges and set Coloradans up to thrive.”

“CDLE is excited to champion the Office of the Future of Work in partnership with other state agencies, diverse stakeholders, and national thought leaders to shape an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive economy of the future,” said CDLE Executive Director Joe Barela. 

The Office will be researching, analyzing, and developing recommendations on this issue. It will also identify opportunities for communities to transition effectively to emerging industries and, where appropriate, consult with the Just Transition Office to align efforts.

The Office will be led by the CDLE executive director who will submit a report to the Governor with recommendations for potential policy initiatives at least once per calendar year beginning in 2020.

Read the full executive order here.



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