Friday, May 3rd, 2019


CPW issues citation for illegal possession of wildlife to university professor, remains in support of study on West Nile Virus

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have closed an investigation looking into reports of illegal possession of wildlife by a university professor. Dr. Gregory Ebel, professor in Colorado State University’s Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology, was issued a citation for illegal possession of five crows and fined $208. He was also issued a warning on the other 32 crows held in possession that were being used for a study on West Nile Virus. Dr. Ebel’s scientific collection license he received from the state in 2019 wasRead More

CPW’s ‘Rookie Sportsman Program’ hunter training brings new appreciation of wild turkey as excitement builds for our first-ever father-daughter hunt

By Travis Duncan Colorado Parks and Wildlife Calling a turkey is much different than being called a turkey. In fact, it’s much harder to call a turkey than I ever dreamed because the birds are really smart. Thanks to what we learned about the wild, upland ground bird in our Rookie Sportsman Program (RSP) classes in April, my daughter, Natalie, and I have a much deeper appreciation for wild turkey and are more excited than ever as we prepare to go seek them out on what will be our first-everRead More

CDPHE News: Colorado public health agencies vaccinate thousands in hepatitis A outbreak

DENVER: Colorado public health agencies have provided nearly 6,000 hepatitis A vaccinations to at-risk populations in an ongoing effort to mitigate an outbreak that began in October. There have been 52 cases in the outbreak so far, all among people experiencing homelessness and/or substance use issues, people who are incarcerated, and contacts of people with those risk factors. “Hep A is completely preventable, and outbreaks can be stopped if people receive the vaccine,” said Nicole Comstock, deputy director of the Communicable Disease Branch at the Colorado Department of Public HealthRead More

Colorado debates making it harder to opt out of vaccinations

DENVER (AP) _ Colorado lawmakers are weighing whether to make it harder for parents to opt their children out of vaccinations as time runs out in their legislative session. The bill got a last-minute hearing late Wednesday and still must be debated by the full Senate before the session ends at midnight Friday. The debate comes as an outbreak of measles surges across the United States, the worst in 25 years. The once-common disease became increasingly rare after a vaccine became available in the 1960s and was declared eliminated inRead More