Wednesday, March 13th, 2019


Blizzard: Colorado National Guard activated

The Governor has authorized the activation of Colorado National Guard and verbally declared an emergency due to #COWX. The National Guard working with the State Office of Emergency Management, local county EMS and law enforcement has been activated for search, rescue and life safety operations primarily focused on stranded motorists. Stay home or shelter in place. Do not drive if you don’t have to in these areas. If you are stranded please call 911 and provide dispatch operators with as much information about your location as possible. CDOT and ColoradoRead More

It’s wicked out there.

We’ve received dozens of cancellation notices at the newspaper but this one takes the cake. What kind of unmitigated moron would go onto the Cherry Creek Dam Road in this weather?   I left the office about 10:45 and it was not one minute too soon. I have never had a scarier drive home (15 miles) in my life. It is wicked out there.   Here are a few photos from earlier today. The less dramatic ones are from this morning at about 10 a.m. — right before it hit.Read More



How to: Stay Safe in Winter Weather

DENVER (March 13, 2019) – With a blizzard warning in effect for Denver and much of the Eastern Plains and a winter storm warning in the high country, Coloradans take note: Travel across much of the state will be difficult – marked by sustained winds, limited visibility and snow-covered and icy roads.    Calls for emergency roadside assistance are expected to spike. Dead batteries and sliding and crashes resulting from treadless and under-inflated tires will represent the majority of calls. To avoid losing control of their vehicle, motorists should ensure theirRead More