Potentially unsafe pesticide residue on medical marijuana

November 21, 2018 – In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order (D 2015-015), the

Colorado Department of Revenue (“DOR”), in conjunction with the Colorado Department of

Agriculture (“CDA”) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (“CDPHE”),

are issuing an immediate health and safety advisory due to the identification of potentially unsafe

pesticide residues on medical marijuana plant material and marijuana products produced from

marijuana cultivated by Colorado Wellness Centers LLC dba Lush. CDPHE and DOR deem it a

threat to public health and safety when pesticides that are not on the list of approved pesticides

for marijuana use as determined by CDA are applied in a manner inconsistent with the pesticide’s

label. CDA confirmed the presence of the Off-Label Pesticides, Pyriproxyfen, in the product

samples tested.

Affected products include marijuana flower, trim, concentrates, and infusedproducts.

Consumers who have these affected products in their possession should return them to

the medical center from which they were purchased so they can be properly disposed of.

All affected marijuana has a label affixed to the container that at a minimum indicates the

license number of the medical marijuana business that cultivated the marijuana. Consumers

should check the label of their medical marijuana for the following license numbers and

harvest batch numbers:

Medical Optional Premises Cultivation License 403-00080 and/or Medical Marijuana Center

License 402-00059

Alegria 10/5 F1

Alegria 6216

Alegria 6221

BC 10/12 F2

BC 10/18 F2

BC 6286

BC 6287

BC F1 10/22

BD 10/20 F2

BD 10/21 F2

BH 10/19 F2

BH 6329

BH 6330

BH 6331

BH 6332

BH 6333

BH 6334

BH F2 10/26

CVK 10/15 F2

Fab 10/18 F1

Fab 10/19 F1

Fab 5509

ISS 10/18 F2

ISS 6061

ISS 6062

ISS 6064

ISS 6065

ISS 6066

ISS 6071

LA 10/24 F2

LA 6300

LA 6301

LA 6303

LA 6304

LA 6305

LA 6306

LA 6307

LA F2 10/24

OG 6052

OG 6227

OG 6346

OG 6347

OG 6348

OG 6349

OG 6351

OG 6352

OG 6353

OG 6354

Ringo 11/8 F1

SD 6357

SD 6358

SD 6359

SD 6360

SD 6361

SD 6362

SD 6363

SD 6364

WC 5797

WC 6244

WC 6245

WC 6246

WC 6247

WC 6248

WTH 10/18 F1

WTH 10/22 F1

WTH 10/5 F1

Xmas 10/31 F1

Xmas F1 10/24

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