Gardner Receives Award for Bipartisan Work in the Senate

Bipartisan Policy Center Presents Legislative Action Award to Gardner

 Washington, DC – The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) today announced Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO), has been awarded their Legislative Action Award. The awards are presented annually to members of Congress within their first six years in office who work to build consensus, elevate the tenor of the debate, practice civility, and advance legislation on pressing issues.

“Senator Cory Gardner demonstrates the power of strong principles combined with a willingness to reach across the political aisle on issues of consequence to the nation. On matters as diverse and important as immigration, cybersecurity, and the threat from North Korea, Senator Gardner’s primary focus has been on action and results. He is at once a proud member of his party and an effective legislator who places the interests of the country first.” — BPC President Jason Grumet

The diverse Award Selection Committee is comprised of BPC’s senior leadership and board members, co-chairs of BPC’s Commission on Political Reform, and representatives from businesses and non-profits, who provide their key input in determining our awardees.

Putting partisan politics aside and focusing on enacting actual policy solutions for my constituents is one of my top priorities in the Senate. I appreciate the Bipartisan Policy Center recognizing my commitment to working across the aisle everyday with people like my Democratic colleague from Colorado Michael Bennet, and hope that in the coming year there are more legislative achievements we can point to that prove the best way to get meaningful things done is through bipartisanship. — Gardner

About the Bipartisan Policy Center

The Bipartisan Policy Center is a non-profit organization that combines the best ideas from both parties to promote health, security, and opportunity for all Americans. BPC drives principled and politically viable policy solutions through the power of rigorous analysis, painstaking negotiation, and aggressive advocacy. As a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that actively promotes bipartisanship, BPC works to address the key challenges facing the nation. Our policy solutions are the product of informed deliberations by former elected and appointed officials, business and labor leaders, and academics and advocates who represent both ends of the political spectrum. We are currently focused on health, energy, national security, the economy, financial regulatory reform, housing, immigration, infrastructure, and governance.


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